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Designing composable dashboards for workforce decision-makers

Vertis already had powerful workforce for their customers, but their expert users needed fine-tuned control to tailor their reports to their business strategies. The composable reporting solution gave users full power without compromising approachability, improving customer satisfaction and fueling platform growth.

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Composable Dashboards for Vertis customers

Improving the office catering experience through reliability gamification

ezCater’s unparalleled customer experience relies on reliable fulfillment from their catering partners. Our data-driven gamification solution -- the "Top Caterer" program -- combined transparent reporting with marketplace ranking rewards, resulting in 12% more bookings for our best caterers and a $10 million win for ezCater.

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Reliability Reporting for ezCater partners

Managing commercial properties with the help of IoT

74% of customers believe that an messy restroom is a poor reflection on property management*, but maintaining 100+ restrooms is operationally challenging. Onvation IoT dispensers introduce smart-monitoring to the washroom, and the Onvation dashboard and cleaner app interface with these devices to deliver real-time conditions and action-needed notifications. The solution reduced waste by 20%, reduced tenant complaints, and improved staff allocation.

* KCP Hygiene Consumer Behavior Study, May 2020

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Dashboard reporting and task management for Kimberly-Clark customers

Kaitlyn does all she can to learn about KC, our customer and our products to ensure we are building the best product for all users of the system. She has been instrumental in brainstorming sessions and always offers to lean in where she can to make an impact. That’s what think customer, win consistently, and make decisions looks like to me.

Aida Mokube, Kimberly Clark Professional

Delivering craft cocktail experiences to the home

Proofbox is a craft cocktail subscription box for customers who want to grow their home bar while enjoying an elevated experience at home. The companion mobile app concept provided users with cocktail recipes from expert bartenders and a shop of verified, ethically-sourced spirits. This concept project was validated through concept to prototype by target user interviews.

Process: UX concepting, UX architecture, UI design

Craft cocktail subscription box companion app

Consolidating purchase decisions for custom homebuilding projects

Custom homebuilding and remodeling projects are prone to expensive miscommunications that result in wrong orders, delays and soured business relationships. Decco is a new product that provides a single source of truth for decision tracking, deadline management, and budget allocation that keeps communication smooth and projects on track.

MVP definition, UX architecture, UI design, design system, user testing

Decision management for builders, designers and homeowners

Focusing on key digital marketing results for small business owners

91% of smartphone owners bought or planned to buy something after seeing a relevant ad online.* Online advertising is an essential component of small business success, but the technical setup and Google Analytics can be overwhelming.

We designed Upnetic Ads in partnership with Google to provide a simplified, focused ad manager experience for nontechnical users. The platform holds the user's hand through tracking snippet installations, ad targeting and campaign monitoring so users can focus on their small business without getting overwhelmed by marketing jargon.

* Google/Purchased

MVP definition, UX architecture, UI design, design system, evaluation research

Simplified Google Tag Manager interface for small business owners


User Insights

Analytics, user interviews, & conversations with customer representatives help us reach insights about users, their goals, & their frustrations.

Information Architecture

Structuring an application's content and navigation by grouping related feature sets makes an application more usable and intuitive.

Design Systems

Designing branded application components (including buttons and inputs) that feel like a natural extension of your existing brand identity.


Draft content & layout without the “design layer” (color, styling, etc.). Higher-fidelity wireframes can also be prototyped and user tested for revisions.


Incorporate design elements from the brand's style guide or design language in order to keep the brand image (and overall user experience) consistent.


Turning mockups into an interactive prototypes that include animations and navigation to guide developers, inspire investors, as well as to test with users.

User Testing

Formulating and moderating usability tests with 5-10 representative users in order to gather feedback and focused insights before development.

Developer Communication

Collaborating with developers to deliver smart, realistic design solutions. Delivering design assets and functional documentation to developers for smooth implementation.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Improving a design after launch through data-driven optimization practices with A/B testing that validates design changes.

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